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194. Catch hold of the ‘I am’ and all obstacles will evaporate, you will be beyond the realm of body-mind.

The Guru speaks from his own experience, he has gone to great lengths to make you understand the ‘I am’. The first thing that the Guru does to every seeker that comes to him, is to make him understand the ‘I am’. On the clarity of this understanding is based the entire foundation of the practice and progress. Unless you understand the true importance of the ‘I am’ you will not pay heed to it or make attempts to catch hold of it. The ‘I am’ is impersonal and without name and form, the moment you catch hold of it and become one with it, you too achieve the same status. On becoming one with the ‘I am’ you go beyond the realm of body-mind.

196. Understand the ‘I am’, transcend it and conclude that ‘beingness’, the world and Brahman are unreal. 

The Guru again urges the seeker to first understand the ‘I am’, without understanding they are merely two words. When you consider them as merely two words, you are still at the verbal level and you may even misunderstand and believe that is the Guru asking me to reaffirm my ego? The ‘I am’ that the Guru is talking of is the wordless one, the very primordial one that arose when you just came to know that ‘you are’. This ‘I am’ is impersonal and without any attributes, that is where you have to revert and reside. Only on the transcendence of the ‘I am’ you would realize that this ‘beingness’, the world and Brahman are unreal.

199. The ‘I am’ is the only God to be pleased and if pleased it will lead you to the source.

Conventionally and externally there are many Gods available, you may go from God to God and get lost and confused. But the ‘I am’ is internal and universally present in all and moreover it is devoid of any name or form. So if at all you have to worship, worship the ‘I am’, it is the only God to be pleased. If you befriend the ‘I am’ and it gets pleased it will lead you to the source by releasing you from its (‘I am’) clutches.

231. Understand the ‘I am’, transcend it and realize the Absolute. In such a simplified way nobody has expounded this profound teaching.

You see the sunrise and sunset everyday on the horizon, but does it really occur? Is there ever any horizon? You may try to approach the horizon but you will never reach it. The appearance and disappearance of the ‘I am’ is like the sunrise and sunset, it only appears to have occurred on the horizon, but actually there is no such thing. From the point of view of the Sun, which stands apart, it never knows the sunrise or the sunset at all; it is always there, shining away in its magnanimous glory. This was just an analogy to enable us understand the ‘I am’, the comprehension of which has been time and again stressed on by the Guru.

The understanding is then used as basis for the ‘Sadhana’ (practice) that has to follow, which is abidance in the ‘I am’ or the knowledge ‘I am’ meditating on itself. That is all that has to be done, which if done correctly and earnestly, would lead you to your ultimate destination, the Absolute or ‘Parabrahman’. Quite certainly, this profound teaching could not have been expounded in more
than such a simplified way.

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PDF-Buch von Pradeep Apte:
The Nisargadatta-Gita

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