What is Mediatation?

Video: ...One has to find out for oneself, not through compulsion imitation, conformity, will, whether there is absolute stillness of thought.

Silence is of many kinds. There is silence between the barking of that dog, when the noise stops, there is certain silence. There is silence between two thoughts. There is silence of an evening, when everything is quiet. There is silence of a morning, when there is no movement, just before the dawn comes.

But there is a silence, which is entirely different, which is the silence of a brain, which has no movement of thought. Only in that silence can there be that, which is sacred.

The things, thoughts have created, are not sacred. The things thought have invented are not holy. But we worship the things that thought have created. See the game we play. That is, I worship a symbol – a figure, that figure, that symbol is created by thought, invented, moulded by hand or by the mind, then thought says “I must worship that“, whitch is worshipping itself. I wonder if you see this! And we pray to that. This is meditation. Either you go through all this step by step, which is impossible, or you see the whole of it at a glance. You understand the difference?

Either we take into consideration and analyse, fear, pleasure, pain, wound, all that bit by bit, having slight insight into each, and the try to meditate, which is obviously incomplete, or you watch the whole movement of it. They are all related to each other, you can’t separate them, say, “This I will examine today, and tomorrow I will do this, and the day after tomorrow that”. But if you can observe the whole movement of it, and you can only observe it when there is no motive or direction at all.

That silence of the brain is necessary, for something sublime, something timeless can come into being. Now, the question is, what value has all that in daily life? What value has meditation, that which we have talked about, not the first category, what value has that meditation? In asking that question, one must also ask, what is a religious life? As the world exists now, technology is the most important thing, the marvellous submarine with its atom bomb, the warships. The mechanical culture is spreading through the world. That is not to bring about a new religion. The old religions has lost theit meaning, altogether. They are still popular, own a great deal of property, money, position, all the rest of it.

But they are all sectarian, the catholic world, the hindu world – you follow? They have broken up the world into their own particular forms of beliefs. One religion is not to conquer the rest of the world. They want to – the Hindus want it, the Christians… And the mechanical world, which is now being put together, is not going to bring about a new society, a new culture, only a religion has ever done it – not the present religion. So, there needs to be a religion, not of faith, not belief, not rituals, not authority. However profitable, comforting, the hierarchical religous structure has altogether lost its meaning for any intelligent, thoughtful man.A thoughtful man totally rejects that all.

Religion is the way of life, which is built on right order in our daily life and the meditation in which is born the most sacred, not that sacred is my experience and your experience, that which is sacred has no experience, you cannot experience it – because if you experience it, there must be an experiencer. I don’t know if you follow all this. We are back then – if there’s an experiencer saying, “I have achieved, I am illumined”. The very words “I am ilumenated” – that is something abominable.

So, that realisation, if all of us can do that, we will be the most religous people. We will be responsible then for a new culture, not based on fear. We will have a society which is incorruptible – because we are incorruptible. That is the meaning of meditation, to gather all our energy which is now being disspated, so that our consciousness ist totally empty of its content of fear, so on. Where there is emptiness and space, there is vast energy. And that energy is sacred.

It is not the energy of belief in god, that belief is created by thought through fear. But when there is no fear and no sorrow, then there is that quality of silence in which that, which is nameless, can come into being. That has immense significance in daily life.

Ich halte nicht viel von J.Krishnamurti, vor allem, weil er nur quälend langsam auf den Punkt kommt, wenn überhaupt. Es braucht nur einen Satz um das obige auszudrücken: Meditation und Religion ist das nicht-willentliche, loslassende Aufsuchen und Halten der ewigen Stille, in dem das Namenlose sich manifestiert.

Aber damit kann man keinen Abend und keinen Saal füllen…

JK ist einer der wenigen, die aus Erfahrung wissen, was wirkliche Stille ist, das geht klar aus seiner langatmigen Rede hervor. Das ist heutzutage selten, denn den weitaus meisten Menschen ist diese Stille zwar zugänglich – sie ist immer zugänglich –  aber sie ist verdeckt – und sie halten völlige Gedankenstille daher für unmöglich. Das ist aber ein Trugschluss. Wie krank die heutige Menschheit ist, zeigt sich auch in dem Verhalten von Menschen, die plötzlich und unvorbereitet in diese absolute Stille geworfen wurden – sie halten sich für krank und wollen unbedingt wieder in den Zwangsdenkmodus zurück. (LossOfThoughtProcess)

Es ist nicht möglich, solchen Menschen nahe zu bringen, dass die absolute Stille das Schönste und Köstlichste ist, was es gibt. Sie halten die Stille für die Hölle und die Gedanken-Hölle für das verlorene Paradies. Das ist eine noch größere Verwirrung, als beim C-Thema – bei dem es ebenfalls unmöglich ist, das durch die Medien in die Köpfe betonierte Lügengeflecht, zu durchbrechen. Es ist offenbar viel angenehmer eine Lüge zu leben, solange die Mehrheit links und rechts das auch tut. Die Kognitive Dissonanz beim Sehen der Wahrheit tut weh. Beim Wegschauen tut nichts weh – dafür aber möglicherweise die Folgen der “Impfung“.

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[Quelle: Zerohedge, Twitter]