Aisha Salem

1:09:02 It seemed like there was a way through the individuality. That willingness to love oneself as the separate individual. That’s like the first step, where a lot of people get stuck. Then there’s the further on from that.

The recognition of oneself as pure love, the realization as oneself as divine, as god, by the complete burning away of all of the limitation within the heart structure, within the sense of feeling, because that’s through were Being can be felt, not just seen, but felt.

And then from there, there is a moving further in terms of recognition of truth through mind itself and that becomes a full seeing. That becomes a full stepping into the clarity of oneself, not as god, but as nothig whatsoever. So it’s the emergence of clarity itself as the diamond sharp clarity which is just awareness.

From there again, then a further coming back down into existence, as the very incarnation of that, as the very merging of between that light, which at that point is permeating the cells and emanating through cells, but at the same time, coming in as the very blackness of that void, which is between the cells.

And this, in my experience, is a coming in as something, completely organic, that’s the experience of it, the coming in as black light, sort of, into the body, that black light, which is the result of the recognition of the light and the darkness and that coming together. [in deutsch]

The Black Light of Being: “The result is very simple, it is the becoming of Truth in Form: Being the Truth – Being Here – in This (human) Form – as Black Light.

Ich habe noch nie jemanden so profund über das sprechen hören, was ich selbst erfahre – in Bezug auf das schwarze Licht. Die meisten kennen nur das weiße Licht – aber das ist nur eine Seite der Medaille.